I Wish I’d Knew

When I was 16, I bought not just one but two Boston Terriers. Everyday after school my dad would drive me home and on our way home, there is this pet shop that sells Boston Terriers and all kinds of different cats and dogs. I would always peak out the car window to see the two Boston Terriers puppies in a cage. Sometimes, my dad would drive too fast I can only catch a glimpse of them. I remember being so upset and frustrated that I can not do anything to save them. So, at that time with my little brain i decided to use all my savings to buy the first Boston Terrier. I went to that pet shop with my friend. I was so excited, I might have got a bit teary when I saw these two precious puppies in a tiny cage. They were so sad. The pet shop made me sad because it was full of cats and dogs locked up in a cage. So, I quickly paid and took Kao-Jee (the name of my first Boston Terrier) home. After a week of having Kao-jee, I couldn’t stop thinking about the other Boston Terrier at the pet shop. So I went back I brought Paté home (second Boston Terrier name).

I only knew now that I was making a mistake without realising it. I have already contributed to the larger problem of encourage breeders to sell dogs and make life worst for stray and shelter dogs.

The most important lesson here that I’ve learn that is that sometimes we are doing more harm than good. I know I was only 16, quite young and unaware of what I was doing at the time and how I was affecting the larger problem. Now that I knew up and in university I understand the issue better.

I want to share this with you. So, that you will not make the same mistakes I did.

Please Adopt and Don’t Shop.


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