What does the DOG say ?

Don’t you ever wonder what your dog says? If only our man’s best friend can speak, we would understand everything about them. But they can’t, so we need to look for signs to understand what they are saying and thinking because dogs use energy to communicate, expressing it through body language. It is very important to understand your dog’s body language because energy means intention and emotion. For example, what do they do when they are scared, anxious and over excited.

A dog’s similar behaviours can mean different things. For instance, a dog may run away in fear or it may run away to start a game of chase with you or another dog. The important parts to watch are the head, ears, tail and back. The higher these are, the more dominant a dog is feeling, and the lower they are, the more submissive or uncertain it’s feeling are. Look for tension in the dog’s body, particularly in the back and leg. The tenser a dog is, the higher its energy level. It’s very easy to misinterpret a dog’s energy, so practice a habit of closely observing your dog’s body language.

 Signs of being Playful

When a dog bows down to another dog, the motion is forward but the front of the dog’s body is ow to the ground. The intention is excitement but emotion is friendly. Hence, the energy translates as playful.

 Signs of Anxiety

  • One paw raised
  • Half-moon eye
  • Displacement behaviours such as yawing when not tired, sudden biting at paws or other body part, sudden sniffing the ground or other object

Signs of a happy dog

  • Panting, relaxed, happy expression
  • Body position relaxed
  • Lying with one paw tucked under
  • Enthusiastic tai wag
  • Play bow (front end down; rear end up; tail wagging)

 Signs of aggression

  • Dog urinates intentionally in the house or on your possessions in your presence
  • Dog raises tail when you approach
  • Bite
  • Lunging on or off the leash, with braking or growling
  • Aggressive barking which is not stopped by your request for quiet
  • Snarl
  • Snap and miss

Here’s a short clip of Caesar Millan, well known as a dog whisperer on reading a dog signs:


here also another clip explain dog’s body language: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bg_gGguwzg


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