Don’t Judge x Dog’s Transformation

Every stray dog has a story behind them and they are pretty sad stories. In most cases a dog ended up on the street is usually because of people’s irresponsibility. So, if there is something we can do is to give them a chance to have a normal happy life, a loving home and family. There are so many dog’s lives save around the world because of the dog transformation project.

Every dog is loving, caring and loyal, regardless of what they have been through. They have always proven us wrong , that their breeds, and their bad experience have not made them a bad dog. So, I encourage you to think again before you consider purchasing a dog because there are dogs out there, that are waiting for a forever home. You have the power to either save a life or make their lives worst because every shelter has a limited space for dogs, if dogs in a certain shelter is not adopted, they will have to be euthanised, to help other dogs.

Here is a list of videos, that shows shelter dogs getting makeovers, stray dogs being rescued and transformed:

Charlie’s Transformation

Charlie the Shelter Dog was found on the side of the road and brought to an L.A. Area Shelter. He was covered in painful burrs. Charlie needed to be adopted quick because the facility was a high kill shelter. he Transformation saved his life. After his makeover, he was adopted.


Maggie’s Transformation

Maggie was staying in an L.A. Area Shelter. She suffers from cataracts and was incredibly matted. After a makeover, she was able to find a home. Most shelter facilities are high kill and dogs that may be older and found on the streets aren’t given a proper chance. This makeover transformation allowed Maggie to look as beautiful as she is on the inside, on the outside.


Layla’s rescue & Transformation:


Angel’s Transformation:


Mufasa’s rescue story:


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