Train your dog right

Having a puppy is like having a baby.

They run around, they cry, bark, howl, they don’t know how to eat properly or how to use a toilet, they are curious, they are full of energy, they chew on toys and maybe your shoes too. We have to understand that it is natural because they are only a baby. So, it is our responsibility to teach our four legs babies how to behave, listen and be obedient.

With patience, understanding and training, your dog will never have behaviour problems.


Puppy School


Dogs grow really fast, so it is a good idea to train your puppy as soon as possible because this is the time where they learn the fastest. After getting your pup to a puppy school, don’t forget to repeat the training with your pup at home as well. This helps your pup learn faster. When your pup is an adult (6 months or older),  you can also take your dog to training classes such as obedience lessons.

Basic training commands

There are several basic commands that you should teach your dog, including:

  • Sit 
  • Come 
  • Down 
  • Stay 
  • Leave it 
  • Toilet training 

More advance commands include:

  • Fetch 
  • Roll over 
  • Hi-five
  • Shake hand
  • Speak 

Here are links to instructions to train your pup:



  • Get your pup to socialized with other puppies and dogs at an early age
  • In terms of how long it takes to teach your puppy to learn something will also depends your dog’s breed and the dog it self.
  • Use treats when training
  • Exercise your dog before training, so he/she is less naughty


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6 thoughts on “Train your dog right

    1. Doing that for him will help him in the future! When i took my baby girl to puppy school, she was so happy ! its a great way for puppies to socialize ! 🙂

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