Lifestyle x Breed

There are several reasons why an owner gives up a dog and one of the reasons is because owners do not have enough time for their dogs. To avoid giving up your dog later, it is a good idea to do some research on what type of dog breed that will suit your lifestyle.

It is very important that you choose a dog that will suit your personality and lifestyle. This is because every dog has a different personality and some may not be right for you.

Here is just a few breeds of dogs:


Questions to ask before you adopt a dog:

  1. Do you have time to look after a dog?
  2. Are you an active person? – you want to make sure you energy level and the dog matches. 
  3. Are you prepared to be responsible for a dog? – A dog lives up to 15-20 years 
  4. Are you financially ready to afford a dog?
  5. Are you partner/family ready to add a new member to the family ?
  6. How big is your space available to raise a dog? – Apartment? a house with back and front yard?
  7. what dog size do you want? – Toy, Small, Medium, Large, Giant ? (consider your space that will raise a dog)  
  8. do you want your dog to be indoor or outdoor ?
  9. Are prepared to for basic training and behaviour issues?
  10. Do you want a pure breed or mix breed?
  11. should you get a puppy or an adult dog?
  12. How much grooming are you willing to do ?
  13. where are local shelters near your area ?

A sample Dog profile:

Boston Terrier

Adapt to apartment: High

Size: small

Colour: Brindle and white, black with white markings and reddish black with white markings

Coat length: Short Smooth 

Age expectancy: up to 13 years 

weight: Lightweight is under 6.8kgs, Middleweight is over 6.8kgs and under 9.1kgs and Heavyweight is between 9.1-11.5kgs.

Height range: 38-43cms at the withers

Energy: Low

Intelligence: High

Suitability for children: High 

Tendency to bark: Medium 

Overall exercise requirement: Low

suitability as a guard dog: High 

level of aggression: Low 

Other animal compatibility: Medium 

Grooming requirements: Once a week 

Trimming required: None

Amount of hair shed: Little

Tips for choosing the right breed for you:

  1. Research about the dog you want to adopt
  2. Research the cost and commitment involve in raising a dog
  3. Visit a shelter
  4. Choosing a dog is a long-term commitment, Take your time, don’t rush.


Here are links to websites that gives information about different dog breeds:



One thought on “Lifestyle x Breed

  1. Owning a dog is like having a child. You have to be prepared to dedicate time and money to them. To take them for daily walks… buy good quality food (none of this supermarket rubbish)… and to love them, not like a pet, but like a member of your family. The number of people who buy dogs only to toss them aside like yesterday’s lunch is disgusting. It is absolutely necessary to figure out what dog is right for you and not to simply base this decision on the appearance of the animal. For example. A bull mastiff is a large dog however they are apartment dogs as they do not require much exercise. A Jack Russell, whilst small, is highly energetic and requires a great deal of exercise to remain healthy! Thought this was a significant point to note. Love this post and love this cause

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