The end of overpopulation of dogs with Education

Overpopulation of Dogs and Euthanasia of Shelter Dogs

We know the main problem but how can we end it?

Well, we can start with education. We need to raise awareness about the negative consequences of purchasing dogs, demanding only pure breed, and encouraging neutering at an early age.

STOP Buying

Purchasing dogs is one of the major causes that leads to their overpopulation. This is because people are demanding pure breed dogs such as Huskies and Golden Retriever. As dog breeders if there is a demand, they will keep on supplying. However, if we stop purchasing and start adopting. We can slowly end the overpopulation of dogs. Moreover, shelters will be able to help more dogs and hopefully that can lead to less dogs being euthanized in shelters to create more space.

Stop Discrimination, #ALLDOGSMATTER

We need to stop wanting only purebred dogs, or specific breed or mixed breed dogs are as good as purebred. Dogs will always be dogs, loving and loyal. Just because they come in a different size and colour, they should not be loved less or made to feel different (i.e. Pitbull). A dog just wants a loving home and a caring family regardless of their breeds. (Visit The Real Bully WordPress to find out more about bull-type breed discrimination.)

DESEX your dogs

It is very important to desex your dogs. This is because it benefits your dog’s health and behavior Desexing your dogs at an early age will reduced risk of getting cancer of the reproductive organs and other diseases. In addition, they usually live longer and healthier. After a dog is desexed they are less likely to wander, fight, and are less likely to get lost.

Please use #ADOPTDONTSHOP , share and comment.



2 thoughts on “The end of overpopulation of dogs with Education

  1. We love #ADOPTDONTSHOP – such a simple and valuable message. The principals in this post are so simple and speak to the heart of this issue, as we stop shopping, discriminating and start being vigilant in desexing our dogs we can see a better future for these wonderful animals.

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