All About The Big Dogs

Big dogs are great companions (as well as the little ones). It is a misconception that large dogs are violent. They are big but they are very gentle, loveable, loyal and a total softie. If you want to get a big dog, then you should read this article for a start. Breeds Here are some […]

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Dog x Costs

Owning a dog is not exactly easy and cheap, especially in Australia.The cost of owning a dog over its lifetime can be up to $25,000. One of the most common reasons, owners have to give up their precious furry babies is because they can not afford the on-going costs involved in  keeping a dog. To […]

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I Wish I’d Knew

When I was 16, I bought not just one but two Boston Terriers. Everyday after school my dad would drive me home and on our way home, there is this pet shop that sells Boston Terriers and all kinds of different cats and dogs. I would always peak out the car window to see the […]

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Small Dog, Little Dog

If you want to get a small dog, then this article is for you. It will give you important information about small dogs, including breeds variety, toys and food that are suitable for them, as well as common diseases that occur in small dogs. What are they like? Small dogs are usually categorised by their […]

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What does the DOG say ?

Don’t you ever wonder what your dog says? If only our man’s best friend can speak, we would understand everything about them. But they can’t, so we need to look for signs to understand what they are saying and thinking because dogs use energy to communicate, expressing it through body language. It is very important […]

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Train your dog right

Having a puppy is like having a baby. They run around, they cry, bark, howl, they don’t know how to eat properly or how to use a toilet, they are curious, they are full of energy, they chew on toys and maybe your shoes too. We have to understand that it is natural because they […]

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